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VCD / PC requirements

I know this isn't Amiga related, but its obvious that a lot of you are more au fait with PC requirements for software than I am.

I have basically bought a very cheap Texas Instruments EXTENSA Laptop, 4xcd, hd floppy, 1gighd, Cirrus Logic GFX, ESS 688 Sound, Win 98 installed, about 64 mb, 75mhz Pentium, blah, blah, blah.

Now, it will play VCD files, and will play the sound absolutely perfectly, it will display the graphics in the files perfectly, but it wont play the gfx at anywhere near the correct speed so I need to know some things:

Is a 75Mhz Pentium simply not good enough to run VCD movies?

Is there anyway of improving various drivers and things to attempt to make it quicker?

Is there any piece of software that makes Roxio, Media Player etc, look shit and will do a better job?

Your answers are appreciated.
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