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I'm not sure the right question is being asked here.

Maybe another question should be: are games to expensive?

I found myself in this position, currently some games out there are very good but the pricing is incredible. How do you expect me to support a family and still spend 60 Euro for each game I want to play, only in some cases to find out I just bought a piece of crap. I recently bought Starcraft+broodwar for 20 Euro, I-war 5 Euro. These are oldies but goodies ( taste differs I know!).
I mean to make a point here, if games where not so expensive maybe all this pirating wouldn't be needed. If your target group is young people and you're charging prices only bank managers can afford ( maybe a little overboard here !) what do you expect will happen? And don't think the parents are going to come to the rescue here,spending 120 Euro each month just on a couple of games, yeah right.
The major players in the software market shouldn't be so greedy and lower their prices. In the end it probably would mean they would be making a lot more money and wasn't that the goal in the first place?
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