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Check this thread: for info about AmigaOS4, AmigaDE and Amithlon.

Your best chance for trying out AmigaOS (only AmigaOS 3.9, but that's better than nothing) is Amithlon. Amithlon 2.0 will be available for download at soon (a demo version which needs a keyfile to enable HD access).


Ah nice, now they 'll force me to buy an AmigaOne.
Nothing has changed, you'll still be able to try out AmigaDE on your x86 Box. AmigaOS4 was never promised to be available for that platform.

no thanks, I dont have that money to spend on such a platform
I feel sorry for you Didn't you plan on buying a Mac? If you feel adventurous, you could buy the AmigaOneXE later this year (which will ship with a G4 processor) and install MacOS X on it (which is illegal but will certainly be possible)

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