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Originally Posted by T_hairy_bootson View Post
@Akira: I wouldnt be using this version FOL has attached in the first post. Go to and get the latest version. Also have a poke around on the forums over there, the lads have gone to some effort with their "ram save states"

I am not the right person to be giving config tips as I never gave PSPUAE enough time, even when I was given beta tester status. (Sorry FOL)

You will find though that some games run better than others with different settings. There is no "one size fits all" super config. Experiment or see if someone has created a WHDLoad "ram save state" of your favourite games.
As usual, thanks THB for a good explanation.
You said it all, in what you said, .

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Please quote me saying that, because I did not. I said I assumed a CPS2 or NeoGeo machine are more complex. Again, my personal assumption. But it looks like they have fast cores to run so fast on the PSP. I[m not talking about single CPU systems like a Spectrum, but a multiprocessor ting like a CPS2 (68k @ 12Mhz, Z80 for sound, QSound chips for 16 bit PCM, etc)

Don't these emulators have source available to analyze what is going on in there? It was my suggestion to check them for helping out PSPUAE

As I said, I was asking for tips as I alleged I am a total PSPUAE noob.
What are the tweaks set by you people to achieve optimal performances? Post that info please
Well, its hard to say a perfect config, as THB said. Best to pop over to, as there are loads of posts, regarding different configs.
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