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BTW, why G3 processors? They could have installed there a cheaper G4 and get away with it. Today, even the iMac has a G4 inside.
Availability/price. The G3/600 were the cheapest version available in the low quantities Eyetech needed. Besides, a G4 is not the slightest bit faster than a G3 at the same Mhz rating - as long as the software isn't optimised for the G4's Altivec units (if the software is optimised, it gives quite a speed boost for certain operations though). AmigaOS is not yet optimised for G4, so it's no loss atm.

And I still don't get this thing of tying up AmigaOne to a specific computer. I thought my PC would be AmigaOne compliant.
That was the old plan (when AmigaOS considered dead and AmigaDE should have become the new desktop OS).

I was expecting to try AmigaOS on my PC. Will this ever happen?
With OS5 maybe. But OS5 is more than vapour atm. Nobody (probably not even Amiga Inc. themself) knows what/when/how it will be.
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