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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
Bet if toni heard you say Amiga emulation should be simple, he would say something to that, .
Please quote me saying that, because I did not. I said I assumed a CPS2 or NeoGeo machine are more complex. Again, my personal assumption. But it looks like they have fast cores to run so fast on the PSP. I[m not talking about single CPU systems like a Spectrum, but a multiprocessor ting like a CPS2 (68k @ 12Mhz, Z80 for sound, QSound chips for 16 bit PCM, etc)

Don't these emulators have source available to analyze what is going on in there? It was my suggestion to check them for helping out PSPUAE

Akira, there are savestates, which are setup for speed over at
As I said, I was asking for tips as I alleged I am a total PSPUAE noob.
What are the tweaks set by you people to achieve optimal performances? Post that info please
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