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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Well, I installed this version and I admit that this is the first time I use it, but are there any tips regarding speed or something? It's quite slow and the sound is always choppy., I tried Turrican 2 and Cannon fodder on it, both perform like that. No offense at all, FOL, I just think the PSP can't handle this and, as you have said some other times, a rewrite from scratch might be needed to achieve optimal performance.

Also, is there any chance to have scaling WITH antialias?

I may be spoiled. How do the CPS2 emulator work on the PSP? Certainly one of those machines is more complex than an Amiga and they run so full speed it's unbelievable. Neogeo too! Isn't there a chance to get those emu's 68k core?
Bet if toni heard you say Amiga emulation should be simple, he would say something to that, .

Amiga emulation is not simple due to all the custom chips that need to be emulated. Others system, dont have to have these chips emulated, hence they are faster.

We have been let down (Chilly has vanished to the N64 PSP Emu, he was supposed to be doing a complete rewrite), we were hoping to get help implementing an asm core. Gnostic said he would take alook, but I cant hold him to that, cause he helped loads in the past. An asm core should increase speed a hell of a lot.

Akira, there are savestates, which are setup for speed over at
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