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I wonder when AmigaKit will start making/selling Playstation to CD32 adapters. These things have been floating around from time to time on eBay for years. I'd buy a few of them if AmigaKit or AmigaManiac or some other Amiga shop who knows how to make cables made them. Competition Pro control pads went out of stock on Earth YEARS ago, no one likes the Commodore CD32 pad, and I have to agree that the Boomerang is a bit of a nightmare to use, although sticking the thumb stick in there makes it a bit better.

Wouldn't it be good if we could just buy any regular PS1/PS2 pad and stick it in our Amigas to have full 7-button+ support with mouse-stick and button-for-jump capabilities? Or just plug in a massive PS2 arcade joystick! Imagine playing Fightin' Spirit with that instead of a pad, cool!

Just like this -
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