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Main Source BBS

Been waiting through the archives of this BBS. I tried to make a filelist by extracting file_id.dizes but most/all the .dms files don't have one. The IBM archives do, as well as the text files (for the most part) so it almost seems that they were stripped. A shame, but anyway..

So what I did was to convert all the .dms files to .adf then ran them against tosec to pull out everything that's already out there. What was left was almost 1000 disks. What I've managed so far is below. If anyone wants something in particular I'll Zone it. Note: My tosec-fu isn't totally up to par, but it's a best attempt. I also know it's been awhile, and this isn't an attempt to say this stuff is zomg found rarities, but more what is in the archive.. If someone wants a list of what's in the archive that is already in tosec, I could make one.

The [a] folder are total alternates and not of great interest -- however, they are in their (potentially) initial .dms format. I'd say that's quite close to the initial disk, as opposed to an [a] with someone's high scores, or garbage data that was never written over and, at least in theory, perhaps a way to ditch so many of the [a]s that plague Amiga tosec (imho). (Conceeded, however, it's not 100%, and there rarely can be, so it may all be moot.)
\Main Source\Apps\3D Professional v1.20 Final (1992)(Cryogenic Software)(Disk 1 of 3)[WB].zip
\Main Source\Apps\3D Professional v1.20 Final (1992)(Cryogenic Software)(Disk 2 of 3)[WB].zip
\Main Source\Apps\3D Professional v1.20 Final (1992)(Cryogenic Software)(Disk 3 of 3)[WB].zip
\Main Source\Apps\Arrested Dialer Workshop v0.3 (1994)(Sure).zip
\Main Source\Apps\Red Sector Demo-Maker - Vectorballs Editor v1.0(1991)(Data Becker)[h Sensics].zip
\Main Source\Apps\Studio Light HP Drivers [spread Delight].zip
\Main Source\Coverdisks\Amiga Format #63 (1994-08-25)(Future Publishing)(GB)(Disk 2 of 2)[Sep 1994].zip
\Main Source\Demos\7th Sense (1991)(End of Century 1999).zip
\Main Source\Demos\Music\Addonic Golden Music 1 (19xx)(Addonic).zip
\Main Source\Demos\Non-ADF\CeBIT '92 Invite (1992)(Treacl).exe
\Main Source\Demos\Non-ADF\Made In Japan (19xx)(Darkness).lha
\Main Source\Demos\Non-ADF\Memtro (19xx)(Reality).exe
\Main Source\Demos\Slideshows\Playboy (1992 May)(Tardsoft)(Disk 1 of 2).zip
\Main Source\Demos\Slideshows\Playboy (1992 May)(Tardsoft)(Disk 2 of 2).zip
\Main Source\Demos\Slideshows\Playboy (1992 September)(Tardsoft)(Disk 1 of 2).zip
\Main Source\Demos\Slideshows\Playboy (1992 September)(Tardsoft)(Disk 2 of 2).zip
\Main Source\Games\3D Construction Kit US Version (1991)(Domark)(M4)[cr Skid Row][construction kit].zip
\Main Source\Games\3D World Soccer (1992)(Simulmondo)(M4)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr CDI][h AAB].zip
\Main Source\Games\3D World Soccer (1992)(Simulmondo)(M4)(Disk 2 of 2)[cr CDI][h AAB][b].zip
\Main Source\Games\Budesliga Manager Hattrick (1994)(Software 2000)(De)(AGA)(Disk 1 of 3)[cr AFL].zip
\Main Source\Games\HD Installs\Liverpool (HD)[cr SKR].lha
\Main Source\Games\HD Installs\Pinball Dreams & Fantasies (HD)[h Joerg Riemer].lha
\Main Source\Games\HD Installs\Pinball Fantasies (Disk 1 of 2)(HD)[h Triangle].lha
\Main Source\Games\HD Installs\Pinball Fantasies (Disk 2 of 2)(HD)[h Triangle].lha
\Main Source\Games\HD Installs\Redzone (HD)[cr SKR].lha
\Main Source\Games\HD Installs\SimCity Utilities (PD).lzh
\Main Source\[a]\Apps\Demo Maniac v1.17(1994)(Black Legend)(Disk 1 of 2)[a].zip
\Main Source\[a]\Apps\Scala500 v1.0 (1992)(Digital Vision)(Disk 1 of 3)[cr WOW][a].zip
\Main Source\[a]\Apps\Scala500 v1.0 (1992)(Digital Vision)(Disk 2 of 3)(Symbols1)[cr WOW][a].zip
\Main Source\[a]\Apps\Scala500 v1.0 (1992)(Digital Vision)(Disk 3 of 3)(Symbols2)[cr WOW][a].zip
\Main Source\[a]\Demos\3d Demo 1 (1992)(Anarchy)(Disk 1 of 2)[a].zip
\Main Source\[a]\Demos\3d Demo 1 (1992)(Anarchy)(Disk 2 of 2)[a].zip
\Main Source\[a]\Games\After Burner (1988)(Activision)[cr QTX][a5].zip
\Main Source\[a]\Games\Three Stooges, The (1987)(Cinemaware(Disk 1 of 2)[a3].zip
\Main Source\[b]\1869AGAA.DMS
\Main Source\[b]\1869AGAB.DMS
\Main Source\[b]\1869AGAD.DMS
I'll keep updating if there's interest.

Oh, like h(acked) and cr(acked) is there something for a group that just basically spread something? Or just use cr for that? And if this isn't quite in the right spot, please move it accordingly.
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