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I'll tell you what AndreasM, if you persistently fail to grasp the message being put to you so very eloquently by others on here (i.e. being deliberately thick), I will make it my MISSION to setup a website hosted in Thailand that utterly ignores ANY and ALL requests from you with reference to material that may or may not be yours.

You see in Thailand, they don't give a fuck! So long as its not Porn, ANYTHING goes.

I will host EVERY SINGLE FILE that you claim to have a copyright on for FREE for ANYONE to download WHENEVER they like and as many times as they like.

You hypocrisy is beyond reason.

You criticise and have files removed that you claim are your copyright, yet you have freely admitted to selling files that DO NOT BELONG TO YOU and the authors have EXPRESSLY FORBID you or anyone to sell. That SUPERCEEDS your 2 Euro argument, you are EMPHATICALLY breaking German law, and more than anything, you're pissing people off.

So, you've got a decision to make, and you need to make it quickly. If you persist in your destructive behaviour, I WILL HOST EVERYTHING you own for free and there will be nothing you can do about it.

Is that simple for you to grasp? I rather think it is, i'm betting right now i've bridged your little language barrier!
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