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Floppy disk EAB File Server

Hello friends,

The file server is available at:

port: 21
user: ftp
pass: any

You can use this search:

If you feel that you would like to donate (although totally not necessary) then please use this PayPal address: eab "AT"

Kindly hosted by Turran.

If you want to upload some files to the server, please consider the following upload rules:
Upload Rules
  1. DO NOT upload "Workbench Disks", "Kickstart ROMs/Disks" & software or music files still supported/for sale.
  2. DO NOT upload NEVER EVER APC & TCP Software.
  3. Upload your files to folder called your EAB User Name.
  4. Post a reply here what you have uploaded or create a thread about it when you have several files to upload.
* * * W A R N I N G - - - W A R N I N G - - - W A R N I N G - - - W A R N I N G - - - W A R N I N G - - - W A R N I N G * * *

Those found in violation of points 1 & 2 of the above rules will automatically earn themselves the following ban:-
  1. First Offence a 1 week ban
  2. Second Offence a 1 month ban
  3. Third offence a permanent ban
and have their EAB File Server accounts suspended until further notice or disabled permanently.

* * * W A R N I N G - - - W A R N I N G - - - W A R N I N G - - - W A R N I N G - - - W A R N I N G - - - W A R N I N G * * *

If you do not have an uploader account yet, Please read this post first.


**************************************** IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ ****************************************

As of the 1st of November 2017, the main "EAB File Server" has undergone some changes...

This is really to maximise speeds / access for "real" EAB members and has come about after numerous discussions in this thread along with a
poll (in which all EAB members could vote / give their opinions, comments on)

Besides actually hosting the site, Turran has worked tirelessly to provide a solution that should definitely suit all, see the following:

Originally Posted by Turran View Post
To sum up where we are right now and what have been changed..
  • The anonymous ftp user have a 50kb/sec max download speed.
  • Only 20 people at a time can use the anonymous account.
  • If you stay on for too long with the anonymous account, your IP will be temporary blocked to allow others in.
  • You can only have one concurrent connection.
  • If anonymous users want to download faster, we have a google drive link:
  • You can register an account, previously called an "upload account", to get access to full speed and upload rights, but...
  • Registered accounts are limited to 50GB/week download.
  • To register an account, you must have an EAB Forum account that has at least 50 forum posts to its name. The last post must be no older than 5 days old.
  • If you already have an "upload account" from earlier, you do not have to do anything.
  • You can change your FTP password and check stats etc, here:

<<< and don't forget to donate "beer money" for this fabulous service if you use regularly, appreciate the running costs and effort involved >>>

...but what does this all mean???

EAB members:

If you are an EAB member then it's strongly advised that you create an FTP account to gain maximum speed / access, plus upload abilities. Turran and modrobert have made this very simple... Just click
here and fill in the relevant details.

Please note though, that certain criteria is applied:

a) You must have at least 50 posts on your EAB account.
b) Your last post must not be older than 5 days ago.
c) Once your account is created, you need to login / use it within 7 days. This is to verify your account and you only have to login once, not every 7 days.
d) Registered accounts are limited to downloading 50GB per week, resetting on Monday mornings.

To login to the "EAB File Server" you have 2 options really:

1) Use your favourite FTP client.
2) Use a web browser.

If using a web browser, here's the required syntax to paste into the address bar:


Obviously, from the above, replace:

username = <your username>
password = <whatever you set when creating the FTP account>

Non-EAB members:

If you are not a registered EAB member then there are a few options available to you; and of course, access is still given:

a) You can continue to use the main "EAB File Server" with the "ftp" username, but will be subject to 50kb/sec maximum download speeds + only 20 logins are allowed at any one time.
b) You can use the newly set up
GoogleDrive instead.

*********************************************** ENJOY!!! ***********************************************

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