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Floppy disk Amiga File Server

Hello friends,

The TURRAN FTP (The Ultimate Retro Repository for Amiga Nuts) is available here:

port: 21
user: ftp
pass: any
You can also use this search and download single files:
You can also use the backup GoogleDrive as well.

If you feel that you would like to donate then please use the "Donate with Paypal" link from here
Please note that the "Donate" link at the top of this page goes to running this forum and not the FTP specifically.

The TURRAN FTP is in no way affiliated with EAB (English Amiga Board). Our interests are just aligned. If you have complaints as a copyright owner from any of its contents, contact Turran on this forum.

If the FTP server goes down, you can PM Turran or post in this thread.

**************************************** IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ ****************************************

Anonymous access

The anonymous "ftp" account is no longer restricted to 50kb/sec. You get to enjoy the full speed. However, be aware that there are some rules that will ban you from the FTP for a number of hours/days if you download to much.
I will not provide the algorithm for this as there are a number of exceptions and the ban time varies depending on various factors. Just know that if you use the anonymous account, you can not just leech the whole FTP at once.
Also take note that with anonymous access, you do not gain access to the TOSEC folders, "Non Amiga" folder or the "TheZone" folder, containing The Zone backup from the EAB forums. Everything is still available through the google drive backup though, and when searching from

Upload access

Why register your own account on the TURRAN FTP when the "ftp" account works just as well? There are a few reasons.
The "ftp" account has a limit on concurrent logins (1) and might ban you for a few hours/days if you stay on for to long.

Your own registered account does not have such limits and is required if you want to upload.

To create your own account, you must be a member of the EAB Forums here, have at least 50 posts to your name and your last post can be no older than 5 days.
If you only just arrived to EAB with nice things to upload but do not yet have the posts to create an FTP account, let Turran know and I'll add you manually.

You can create your own account from here:

When you see this, you have entered everything correctly.

200 User (<your name>) successfully added.
Once created, you can log in with your selected username and password.
To upload, create a folder in ~Uploads with the same name as your username. Notice that it is case sensitive.

Please note though, that certain criteria to register your own account for uploads are applied:
  1. You must have at least 50 posts on your EAB account.
  2. Your last post must not be older than 5 days ago.
  3. Once your account is created, you need to login / use it within 7 days. This is to verify your account and you only have to login once, not every 7 days.

When uploading to the server, please consider the following upload rules:
Upload Rules
  1. DO NOT upload "Workbench Disks", "Kickstart ROMs/Disks" & software or music files still supported/for sale.
  2. DO NOT upload NEVER EVER APC & TCP Software.

General information

To login to the "TURRAN File Server" you can use your favorite FTP client. Filezilla is recommended unless you have your own preference.
Web browsers have generally stopped supporting FTP.

Notice for Filezilla users. Uncheck "Treat files without extension as ASCII files" or you'll end up with corrupt files. See more here. Thanks Crashdisk:
Also, make sure to set maximum simultaneous transfers to 1 for the anonymous "ftp" account or 2 if you have your own registered account. Either do this in the Site Manager for the TURRAN FTP or globally:
To reduce the number of simultaneous transfers, open the application -> Edit -> Settings -> Transfers. There you will see a field called Maximum simultaneous transfers - change the value to 1 and click on OK to save the changes.

*********************************************** ENJOY!!! ***********************************************

  1. Anonymous "ftp" user no longer have access to the TOSEC folders, Non Amiga or TheZone folders on the FTP. Still available from google drive though.

  1. All links changed from "eab" to "turran", so is the new URL. Old ones still work as to not break existing links floating around (for now).

  1. Registered users not having a 50Gb/week download limit is now permanent.
  2. The anonymous ftp account no longer have a speed limit but a slightly harder punishment if you try to download to much.
  3. Listing latest uploaded files at the various locations at should now be a lot(!!) faster.

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