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Floppy disk Amiga File Server

Hello friends,

The TURRAN FTP (The Ultimate Retro Repository for Amiga Nuts) is available here:

port: 21
user: ftp
pass: any

You can use this search:

If you feel that you would like to donate then please use the "Donate with Paypal" link from here
Please note that the "Donate" link at the top of this page goes to running this forum and not the FTP specifically.
If you want, send a PM to Turran if you donate =)

The TURRAN FTP (The Ultimate Retro Repository for Amiga Nuts) is in no way owned or handled by the registered EAB (English Amiga Board) owner. Our interests just fit together. If you have complaints as a copyright owner from any of its contents, contact turran on this forum.

Notice for Filezilla users. Uncheck "Treat files without extension as ASCII files" or you'll end up with corrupt files. See more here. Thanks Crashdisk:

If the FTP server goes down, you can e-mail, PM Turran, or post in this thread.
Best to e-mail though for the quickest response: "eab AT grandis DOT nu".

Kindly hosted by Turran.

If you want to upload some files to the server, please consider the following upload rules:
Upload Rules
  1. DO NOT upload "Workbench Disks", "Kickstart ROMs/Disks" & software or music files still supported/for sale.
  2. DO NOT upload NEVER EVER APC & TCP Software.
  3. Upload your files to folder called your FTP User Name in ~Uploads (create one if it does not exist).
  4. Post a reply here what you have uploaded or create a thread about it when you have several files to upload.
* * * W A R N I N G - - - W A R N I N G - - - W A R N I N G - - - W A R N I N G - - - W A R N I N G - - - W A R N I N G * * *

Those found in violation of points 1 & 2 of the above rules will automatically earn themselves the following ban:-
  1. First Offence a 1 week ban
  2. Second Offence a 1 month ban
  3. Third offence a permanent ban
and have their EAB File Server accounts suspended until further notice or disabled permanently.

* * * W A R N I N G - - - W A R N I N G - - - W A R N I N G - - - W A R N I N G - - - W A R N I N G - - - W A R N I N G * * *

If you do not have an uploader account yet, Please read this post first.


**************************************** IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ ****************************************

As of the 1st of November 2017, the main "EAB File Server" has undergone some changes...

This is really to maximise speeds / access for "real" EAB members and has come about after numerous discussions in this thread along with a
poll (in which all EAB members could vote / give their opinions, comments on)

Besides actually hosting the site, Turran has worked tirelessly to provide a solution that should definitely suit all, see the following:

Originally Posted by Turran View Post
To sum up where we are right now and what have been changed..
  • The anonymous ftp user have a 50kb/sec max download speed.
  • Only 20 people at a time can use the anonymous account.
  • If you stay on for too long with the anonymous account, your IP will be temporary blocked to allow others in.
  • You can only have one concurrent connection.
  • If anonymous users want to download faster, we have a google drive link:
  • You can register an account, previously called an "upload account", to get access to full speed and upload rights, but...
  • Registered accounts are limited to 50GB/week download.
  • To register an account, you must have an EAB Forum account that has at least 50 forum posts to its name. The last post must be no older than 5 days old.
  • If you already have an "upload account" from earlier, you do not have to do anything.
  • You can change your FTP password and check stats etc, here:

<<< and don't forget to donate "beer money" for this fabulous service if you use regularly, appreciate the running costs and effort involved >>>

...but what does this all mean???

EAB members:

If you are an EAB member then it's strongly advised that you create an FTP account to gain maximum speed / access, plus upload abilities. Turran and modrobert have made this very simple... Just click
here and fill in the relevant details.

Please note though, that certain criteria is applied:

a) You must have at least 50 posts on your EAB account.
b) Your last post must not be older than 5 days ago.
c) Once your account is created, you need to login / use it within 7 days. This is to verify your account and you only have to login once, not every 7 days.
d) Registered accounts are limited to downloading 50GB per week, resetting on Monday mornings.

To login to the "EAB File Server" you have 2 options really:

1) Use your favourite FTP client.
2) Use a web browser.

If using a web browser, here's the required syntax to paste into the address bar:


Obviously, from the above, replace:

username = <your username>
password = <whatever you set when creating the FTP account>

Non-EAB members:

If you are not a registered EAB member then there are a few options available to you; and of course, access is still given:

a) You can continue to use the main "EAB File Server" with the "ftp" username, but will be subject to 50kb/sec maximum download speeds + only 20 logins are allowed at any one time.
b) You can use the newly set up
GoogleDrive instead.

*********************************************** ENJOY!!! ***********************************************

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