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Originally Posted by SensibleFan View Post
You sell other peoples work for money.
No I dont!
You do that, I have CD nr 27, there is my stuff.
What is your stuff?

OK, I can, its german law.
There is no such a law in Germany.
Maybe not, I am deleting it now, ok.
no. ITs the german law. but i never would make anyone trouble when there us dont make trouble. for this we delete it. when the german law allowed us, i delete it too.

You reported other sites and wanted to pull them down.
No, never.
You did, I know it, its my site!
which are you site?

in the last 17 year i pull down 2 or 3 webpages. and we never said to the hosters that they delete the page. every time only delete our files.
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