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AndreasM, make up your mind.

First you say I had Pinball Brain Damage online TWICE.

Then you said you were wrong and it was actually Marblellous once.

Now again you say I hosted Pinball Brain Damage twice.

Get your accusations straight before you start muck flinging.

I did host Pinball Brain Damage ONCE. I never re-hosted it, because I had no intention of ever speaking to you again. That is a FACT.

I have no interest in hosting anything made/owned/claimed to owned by you or your company. Why would I want trouble for myself? Answer me that? I'm not an idiot.

Everytime you contacted me, I removed the offending file (if they were indeed there in the first place). You were the one who forced my site to close despite of this.

So you are the one failing to be cooperative.

Get a grip on reality.
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