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It's great to see an 8 page article on the Amiga, it really is. Big hugs to RG for doing it!

However... I don't want to be a whinger, or a pedant... But.

The article is good, but misleading in some places, and wrong in others.

Of the top of my head:
The author's lack of understanding of the A1000 kickstart is quite "special". Apparently, it needs to be installed after purchase: true I suppose, but I suspect the author has never used one... Or heard the special little tinkle when it's alive

Jay Miner's dog is Mitch, apparently. Most famous dog related to the Amiga, and the name is wrong. No mention of Joe Pillow, which I think is a fantastic story of the prototype amiga and would explain why that name is on the inside of the 1000 cover.

The 1500 being "better" than the 2000, because you can add a hard disk?

There's one boxout saying "did you know..." that the A1000 UK launch was delayed due to the ROM being rewritten because of the easter egg messages in there (the 'we made the amiga, Commodore 'ked it up' one). I've never seen that particular rumour before, but it doesn't make any sense. Yep, those are the same messages that are in 1.3...

It's a good article, but a little fact checking wouldn't have gone amiss, as there's plenty of knowledge in this community and others that could have been drawn upon.

But it is great to see a new article on the Amiga, and it is a difficult task to fit 28 years history into 8 pages, but I was hoping for revelations and not of the "did you know why the 1000 was delayed" type! Difficult after all this time, admittedly...

but thank you to RG for publishing it! I'm just hard to please
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