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Hmm, this is interesting!

So, where did this source-code come from? I'm guessing it's actually from one of the Factor 5 -guys, now that the company is in complete limbo, because of the bankruptcy.

Could this source-code be used along with sprite-rips from Mega Turrican to enhance the Amiga Turrican 3 and make a special edition? I'm thinking it could, actually.

Would be nice if it was possible to re-implement some Turrican 2 features as well... Like, adding the powerlines and proper rebound ( leave the hook alone tho). Proper rebound graphics can be ripped straight out of Super Turrican, as that one re-implements proper rebound.

Damn...! Some really sweet stuff could be done for the special edition of Turrican 3. Replacing all of the mod-files as well! With much more complex multi-channel high-quality mods, created from the CD-versions that HŁelsbeck have released! ^^
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