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The full version of which, Windows 98, or XP home? As for not being prompted for the CD, I think that is only supposed to apply if you are upgrading that partition to XP (From Windows 98). If I understood things correctly, on a multi-booting setup,you'd need the older Windows 98 disk during the installation setup.

BTW-Paul, if you have the "full" version of XP, then you wouldn't need Windows 98 Cd either. What I'm actually asking about is people whom have bought the "upgrade" (ie:cheaper), version of XP home,& whether if they've done it successfully via having an OEM version of Windows 98.
I have read of instances where some OEM versions of 98SE,(Not of Win98 1st Ed, which I have though),could not be used with the "upgrade" version of Xp home.
I was less surprised users of the "Restore CD's" type of O/S's couldn't upgrade,(ie:your Compaq's,HP etc.), but I was a tad concerned that normal OEM versions,(with CD key/booklet etc.), may not be able to be used as an upgrade path. I'd be surprised if it were true, but it'd be reassuring to hear if anyone's done a multibooting O/S setup with '98 & Xp using an OEM 98 & the "upgrade version" of XP all the same.

Sorry to drag this off-topic,incidentally. PM,if need be. And if anyone can explain why the choppy sound issue exists for '9x PC's but not Win2K/XP, that'd be interesting too!

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