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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Whatever works. I use my Z64 with IDE->CF card which is a good solution.
Offtopic: I love hearing that people make use of CF on a Z64. I never thought more than about 3 people would bother to switch from a HDD, but makes me feel warm inside anyway....


I understand the problems with the Flashcart approach. It's a huge lack of convenience to copy a ROM everytime you want to change a game. It's why devices like a modded Z64 for the N64 are so good - all the games, right there in the system...

I've always looked at ways to get an all-in-one systems - it's just so much neater....
C64 can be done with a IDE64, and Amiga can have an internal CF drive fitted (and WHDLoad games). The Nes can be done in the romcart+menu linked above, Snes can be done via a SWC DX2 + CF (although the DX2 is crying out for firmware rewrite to improve the listings/navigation for game selection), N64 via a Z64 + CF, a PS2 Slim can be modded to hold a 2.5" drive and boots nice menu software... I love these solutions and use them all, and have long since ditched flashcarts (apart from homemade hacks for special-chip Snes games)
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