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Hi All,

I've just completed moving the files relating to the A-Max Disks thread which have dropped out of the Zone from "The Zone!" folder on Magix's FTP to the "Emulators/Amiga Macintosh" folder.

I have deleted my original Emplant Disk Converter uploads, which had the libraries and font files missing.

I have also included the Cygnus File Editor for Windows, which I uploaded in connection with the A-Max Disks thread, as it is extremely useful for manipulating ROMs and disk images.

It now looks as if there will be a consultation/discussion period before any decision is reached about how Magix's FTP server is to be moderated, and I couldn't wait for that to continue developing the thread.

AFAIK, there is no problem with having uploaded any of the files which I have moved to the Emulators area.

I shall, of course, prepare a list of the files concerned if there is still any interest in this.

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