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Ya' like it Retr0?
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Originally Posted by r0jaws View Post
Another must have copy for me, looks like I'll be getting a subscription at this rate!
I have not been let down by an issue yet, all top notch!! a sub is the only way to go, not only do you save a few pints worth of pennies, you get a cracking read befor anyone else.

Originally Posted by cosmicfrog View Post
thats like 2 days a way .....................

spose i can wait

cheers for the info, know what I`m buying and reading at the weekend
well worth it Cosmi! some fantastic retr0-ribbits in this issue, with a company profile on DMA design, Definitive write up on Metal Slug, the Sega Megadrive Celebration, Amiga Special, retr0-reviews on Saboteur, and sooooo much more.... its almost enought to make your head explode..... errr.... kinda like Paul_s....
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