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I think going to a web based ftp is the 2nd worst that can happen to the ftp, 1st is a closed down ftp.

As your suggestion post here before uploading then user post their files list they like to upload directory on the ftp under their own user name. Those files then get moved into main ftp into correct places, keeping the ftp clean.

No please not some web 'thingy' http. ftp. Magix i know your looking for a good solution. There are some workable ftp. ones posted here, choose one and go with it (ftp.)

To catalogue a rar file after its made open in winrar > tools > generate report.

Or to catalogue a directory on windows

DIR SourceDrive:\FilesForArchive\ /B/S >DestDrive:\FilesForArchive.txt

(Replace Source and Dest drive with your own drive letters. Replace FilesForArchive with your the to be uploaded archive name. Rar the .txt generated and post to the correct place on the forum (NOT in the zone).

(Should we use .rtf or .doc, inlplace of .txt for any very big lists that are generated YES/NO ?
Besides beign easy to read and have a cleaner format)
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