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I would hazard a guess, that the RIAA / Copyright Police are going to be far more interested in going after the MP3 sharers and alike, far more than a group of people sharing software that is no longer manufactured and in some cases has become freeware. My personal stance is, I will share anything that I have, unless it's personal and make it available for others to download and share, if I violate any terms of THIS site, then a Mod will ask me to take it down, or remove it on my behalf. If a case went to court, the judge would most likely;

A. Never have heard of an Amiga.
B. Realise pretty quickly that the machine is obsolete.
C. Flip the bird to the RIAA guy, tell them to fuck off and stop wasting court time with trivialities.

For any company, apart from the obvious Cloanto / etc, who are still making or supporting releases, then fair enough, if you use it, buy it.

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