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Originally Posted by BuZz View Post
I don't want you to delete it. I was just hoping (how foolish of me) that you might see some sense, and stop harassing other people who devote and support time to the Amiga, whilst you are trying to make a quick buck.
i harassing only people wher spreach copies from our commercial software. nothing other. and that we make in the future, too.

which cd which disknumer? i dont would make evey day a new image.

Also - Why for example did you email the WoC guy (above) asking questions about permissions for full versions etc. none of the stuff was even apc-tcp.
dammed. again!

i ask him for the adresses of the righ holders. i search on evey place adresses of the right holders that we can make the fullversion of old amiga software free available.

i dont understand what are your problem :/
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