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I don't want you to delete it. I was just hoping (how foolish of me) that you might see some sense, and stop harassing other people who devote and support time to the Amiga, whilst you are trying to make a quick buck.

Also you don't know that all the software is freely available on that CD. You have assumed this. Some of the demos specifically say they should not be sold for money or included on public domain collections at all. Your argument seems to be that that someone copying your software and putting it as a free download is worse than you copying someone else's and charging a small fee for it just because you charge MORE money for your software?? This is nonsense! I consider what you doing worse, as there is profit involved.

Also - Why for example did you email the WoC guy (above) asking questions about permissions for full versions etc. none of the stuff was even apc-tcp.
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