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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
Didn't T2 just use 512*12 ($1800) bytes per track?
Would have to check. At least the graphs look pretty ugly (looking at the original copy from 1990. The fresh writes are ok. The single disk of Xenon 2 is even denser, with a speedlock on track 0. I am waiting for my eBay purchase to arrive, but the disk written back using C20 fails on let's say 19 of 20 boot attempts. I still assume this is due to bad coding - I xepect the original to behave the same on my CDTV (running in A500 mode).

Longtracks are ok if you use them as checks only (e.g. have track 79.1 written as a longtrack). I never liked them carrying real data, and looking at how ugly they look several years later explains why I did not like them.

Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
With "copylock" Bert just meant generic copyprotection routines, in this case checksum checks.
Yes, I never had a problem with this. All I wanted to express with my first post was the fact that only T1 does more than longtracks in regard to checking (not counting any checks for code modification, just speaking of real disk protection here)...
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