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@exoticaga: sorry i may be a little dozy tonite but i don't understand your distintion about people outside and inside EAB.
If i'm mistaken in addressing my answer, i apologize.

Magix himself, in more than one post in the FTP specific thread, has stated that no currently commercially available [edited, thanks Akira] software may be uploaded to his FTP, the reason is that he's the first one to be damaged, in case of forced closure of his server, by the consequences of "cease and desist" mails, from the very same sources that poke at the board, for the very same reasons.

if he has deferred to EAB members, (because they may be more active on the FTP, collectively, than himself) and in particular to mods to check the files uploaded, that's his decision and gracious offer.

even if the 2 statements above wouldn't be true, and they are, any FTP that wants to be tied to this board, for board safety reasons, has to have the same requisites as linked sites, i.e. no currently sold software. otherwise, may it live and prosper, for all i care, outside of here.

the only, i repeat, the only, matter discussed here is how best is arranged such a policy?

either on MagiX side, setting up accounts, or on EAB side, with a unique, preventively policed account.

moreover, both cases need some routinely addressed checking and oredering of the files uploaded, because, as you said, EAB may be not the only uploader party to the FTP (so far, the login account is public and stated in the first post of this thread).

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