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Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
The same rules apply to the FTP as they do to the Zone. Anything still sold or supported commercially is not allowed to be uploaded. The only thing being discouraged is breaking the rules and putting the FTP and/or under threat. It's nothing to do with "points of view", and there is no reason to think it'll be "destroyed".
Hi Graham,

I use the term "point of view" very loosely to describe the perception that a would-be uploader might have of the process of scrutiny to which their files would be subjected in order to be seen as acceptable for inclusion in the public area of the server. You only have to look at the widely differing attitudes to the term "abandonware" to see what I mean.

If this consideration discourages even one person from uploading anything to the Zone as well as to Magix's FTP, then these resources will have been devalued as a consequence. And if it discourages *everybody* from uploading anything, then that would be pretty destructive.


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