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Originally Posted by marco pedrana View Post
an easier way to do, which i'd prefer as it requires some clearity from members, it would be to post in a thread the details of what you would upload , when greenlighted you send it to a apposite EAB email address where from a mod can orderly upload it to the FTP, while the FTP rests read only-
I still vote for the 'one upload user = one upload folder' method. The FTP is read only and everybody who wants to upload gets an account with the rights to his upload folder and maybe to some other folders (like a 'half-op'). The point about the rules of EAB is the main reason todo this and if Magix decides (even if he says that it's out FTP he would have to make the accounts) that this is a good idea we should accept that. The way with the greenlighted mod uploads is far too complicated IMHO and would lead to a massive 'overhead' and delay. Moving the files from the upload folders once a day should be a fair enough deal.
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