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i would like to remember to everybody who may have forgotten it,

that the policy on the opportunity to linking or not this board to whatever content or means to distribute content (for instance external sites), falls under the care of EAB moderation, in respect of the fact that, as per statute, this board abstains to distribute copyrighted stuff that is still sold in any form (and i cut away all the technicalities, for the sake of comprension).

therefore, some form of control on the FTP in object is made necessary by these 3 facts:

- there's guys who ameniably or not do threat the board in case of alleged or not copyright damages on their licenses. (it's their right)
- some member is oblivious to the fact above and to the repeated reminders to not mistreat the FTP resource
- EAB has, as per usual, the need to protect itself from misdemeanor fallout.

that said, i suggest that MagixFTP to be read only , except for an upload area that should be promptly checked, and named after the uploader could be an acceptable compromise.

that would require though that the FTP would have unique names for the uploaders, and that they would be the same as the EAB names, as they should be made accountable of what they upload.

the above would practically make the FTP half-private, and i believe it would require some effort from the FTP admin and owner and for moderators.

an easier way to do, which i'd prefer as it requires some clearity from members, it would be to post in a thread the details of what you would upload , when greenlighted you send it to a apposite EAB email address where from a mod can orderly upload it to the FTP, while the FTP rests read only-

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