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Scalos has so many cool features. As mentioned above, each process multitasks and so makes better use of the Amiga's abilities - less hour glass waiting moments.

Default icons can be fully customized; item sensitive popup menus (right clicking on disks, drawers, windows etc brings up different menus); disk icons can have default icons and window settings without the need for a; default icons can be made savable so you can snapshot those without .info files; information and general requesters are much more powerful and easier to use with tabs and gadgets; palettes can be set and colours fixed in place; backdrops better supported with more formats; plugin modules to sort drawers alphabetically, add titlebar clock etc....the list goes on.

An example can be seen on the ClassicWB site:

But that vid does need redoing as it's quite an old version now, missing the launch bar at the bottom.
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