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It seems a little vague. Which AmigaOne machine are we talking about? Any of them? Which ones are in the works besides the 1200 thingie?
Eyetech's AmigaOneG3-SE. For detailed specs check This is the only AmigaOne currently "in the works".

Eyetech announced a second machine for late 2002, called the AmigaOne-XE. Only difference to the AmigaOneG3-SE is a socketed processor (they're using a megarray connector for the processor card, that's the same connector Apple uses). There's a prototype already, but these machines can not be preordered yet.

Other AmigaOne computers are not announced yet (at least not publicly...) - apart from Bplan's "Pegasos", but it's still unclear if this hardware will be supported by Amiga Inc.

How close are either (AmigaONE or OS4) ready for completion and street-date?
The AmigaOneG3-SE is finished. Developer machines are out there. Currently SUSE LinuxPPC is adapted to the board. The first bunch of motherboards (200 units) will then be shipped to people that preordered them knowing that they would have to use Linux first (and wait for AmigaOS 4.0 to be finished).

There are no public release dates for OS4. Quoting the project manager: "It will be finished when it's finished".


As for the screenshots of OS 4...hey are butt ugly. Have a chintzy, cheap look. Bursegs's WinUAE setup and even AIAB look far beeter, and those are WB 3.1 builds, I think. But still better looking than Windoze by any means!
Keep in mind that these were done to show what's possible with the new intuition - not to look good.
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