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diskimage.device for OS3.x

This is an OS3.x port of the 52.x OS4 diskimage.device (actually based on the
cut down version, hence it is missing some features).

It is not to be confused with Thore Boeckelmann's diskimage.device, since it is
a from scratch development and not based on it in any way, so don't even bother
trying to use his GUI together with this device since it won't work (they are
incompatible in this way). The same mountlists can however be used for both

In order to mount .hdf files you will probably need to specify the correct
HighCyl value for the .hdf file in questions (FFS2 ignores this value if
LowCyl = 0 so this is not a problem on OS4).

Large files (>=2GB) are supported if and only if the filesystem supports this
as well as the new 64-bit dospackets (like f.e. SFS\2 filesystem).


- 68020+ CPU
- AmigaOS 3.0 or newer

For Device:
- capsimage.device (IPF plugin) -
- z.library (CISO, DAA, DMG and UIF plugins) - included in archive
- expat.library (DMG plugin) -

Note: ATM there is some problems with AOS <= 3.1 and IDFx DOSDrivers (OS3.5 is

For GUI:
- ReAction (OS3.5/3.9)
- AISS v3.1 -
- PNG datatype

Supported disk image formats:

- adf
- adz (gzipped adf)
- bin
- cso (Compressed ISO)
- daa
- d64
- dmg
- dms (DiskMaSher)
- hdf (using specially written DOSDrivers)
- img (normal/CloneCD)
- ipf (needs capsimage.device)
- iso
- mdf (Alcohol)
- nrg (Nero)
- toast (same as iso)
- uif

The following formats are supported but untested:
- b5i
- cdi
- pdi
- raw

Also supports compressed images through (if available):

- xadmaster.library
- xpkmaster.library
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