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Hi guys,

I have found a torrent containing the QNX 6.3.2 installation and boot CD image (6.3.2-nto632-200709062316.iso, 542MB) and QNX 6.3.2 Windows installation CD image (6.3.2-win32-200709062316.iso, 523MB), and I'm downloading them now.

Actually, the torrent is a 1.56GB 3-in-1 collection which contains the Linux version as well, but I haven't downloaded it previously because with my old Bittorrent client I wasn't able to choose to download individual files within torrents. My discovery of ĀµTorrent 1.8.2, thanks to TheCyberDruid, has changed all that!

I realize that I will probably be unable to install the AmigaOS XL package under this version of QNX unless I manage to get some help with this, but I still think I should take the opportunity to get this version while it is available, because it doesn't seem to be hosted anywhere else.


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