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Am I the only one here that owned ZX Spectrum 48k, Commodore 64 and Amiga 500 back in the day - not all at once, had to sell the previous one to buy another one But I never really looked back then. It is a whole different thing now, since now I cannot understand how I could sell that ZX with all those nice tapes (altough I kept 10 or so with the best games on them), the same with C64 - unfortunetly I sold ALL tapes and disks I had for that (but my best friend (who also got a c64 at that time) kept some with my programs on them, so I got a little bit back) and then with the Amiga (kept almost all disks though, can't believe I did ;-) ).
ZX Spectrum has a special place though, since it was the first one, I think c64 has the least memories though, Amiga is second. So if I had to tell you which one is the best then you have the answer right there ;-) It is all about YOUR history with the 'puters you had
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