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The DADDY Amiga computer is?

Which was the best Amiga model of all EAB brothers? Which one was THE DADDY!!

For me the best thing about the Amiga was the Desktop design like so many models before it - C-64, MSX, Speccy, Amstrad CPC, Vic-20, even the inferior Atari ST etc.

I've made my feelings clear before about what I think of towering my beloved A1200. Let's just say it horrifies me.

So, with this reasoning, that's the A3000, A1000, A2000/A1500 and all the other big box designs out.

Hmmm. That leaves the A500, A500P, A600, A1200, CD32 and CDTV.

It'll have to be the original A500 for me. The best looking computer of all time and the model that placed a great technological design firmly on the map.

So, which one's the DADDY Amiga for you?

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