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Originally Posted by gordonbennett View Post
hey guys just got that CD with loads of games on it for my cd32 thanks to somone very kind here, and its great. but as far i know you cant save on it, so what great games out there that are passwords for each level instead of game saves.

i know:
I think you asked the question wrong. Almost each logic/puzzle game has something like this. The question should be what are the games that uses passwords as in fact save game states. What I mean is that the password preserves features/attributes/points you managed to achieve during the game so after entering the password it looks like you loaded the game from the save game file. Good example can be Alien Breed 3D (password preserves amount of ammo, health and so on), Stardust (password preserves amount of lives, weapon). Lemmings has just normal passwords which are just generated and does not have any influence on future play. Battle Isle, Flashback, Superfrog - they have fixed passwords that never change and they are rather way of allowance to start the game from farther levels than should be treated as save games.
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