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I still believe the war generates at kids that were forced to one system and have to stick up for it. You are not going to diss the 499$ computer your parents just gave you after a load of effort.

My C128 was a present from my uncle who had money and lived abroad, I couldn't afford a computer, and around 1991 i would stick up for my C= and say it was better than the PC of some of my friends. Obvioulsy, their PCs were shit Hercules XTs so I was quite right, but I held up with this even after the EGA and VGAs appeared. I had already an amiga (again, a present of same uncle) but I would still use the C128 from time to time (until I fried it).

not until many years later, when I can own all systems, I can apreciate each and every one of hem. Each one has a 'personality' and unique character.
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