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Originally Posted by xpect View Post
What kind of rom is that? Shouldn't be 39.106 (3.0)?
When you run the SetVersion stuff Kick 39.106 reports 40.106 - hopefuly I can doing something with it.

Originally Posted by thomas View Post
He patched that 40 into the library base before SetPatch is run, so that the OS thinks it is running on Kick 3.1 while it actually is 3.0 (39.106 patched to 40.106).

I am sure this will crash sooner or later. Not because 3.5 does not run on 3.0, but because programs might use functions only present in 3.1. The version check is used to check whether specific functions are available or not. If you patch the version, the check gives a wrong result.
Thanks I wanst quite sure Well it seems quite stable ill have to check a bit more. If it works for me im happy
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