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Originally Posted by StarEye View Post
Hack'n'slash is Hack'n'slash, Beat'em up is Beat'em up. How hard is that? They're related, but they're still two seperate genres. I would call hack'n'slash in a genre of its own. It's no more a subgenre than beat'em up is. What I find strange is how you can call fighting games and beat'em ups two different genres, but hack'n'slash is not? There are even less differences between a fighting game and a beat'em up most of the time, than between a hack'n'slash and a beat'em up.

So, I don't agree with Wikipedias ranging of the genres, if hack'n'slash is a subgenre for beat'em ups, so is fighting games. In my opinion, they're all subgenres of close combat games - unfortunately.
I use "beat 'em up" term for all fighting games but beat 'em up term has been used for years (and its used on HOL too). So all these games are beat 'em up (=fighting). Scrolling, non-scrolling, hack'n'slash, one on one etc. are subgenres. You are right, they are "fighting games." But for some reason they are called beat 'em up.
The discussion was more about if using sticks, swords etc. in fighting (tsc beat 'em up)games make these games so different to other fighting (tsc beat 'em up) games that they deserve their own category.
TCD, Humbie, me, AntEater said no. Not no to your opinion that Moonstone is fighting (tsc beat 'em up) game that belongs to one of many subgenres of fighting (tsc beat 'em up) games.
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