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Originally Posted by JACK98 View Post
alot of cd32 accesories where third party werent they,commodore simply didnt have the dosh at the time to expand the cd32?
I think they laid off their designers too, god the thing is ugly compared to the A1000/A3000/A1200/A600/CDTV!

I think the trouble was even with an AGA chipset some things like proper 64 colour anywhere on the screen multi parallax scrollers would be hard work and the Megadrive had the SVP chip in carts for 3D and SNES had SuperFX (DSP chips) and finally the Mega CD had additional sprite scaling capability.

Don't get me wrong Mega-CD was total crap haha, and I really laughed at Mode 7 racers on the SNES pffft nowhere near as beautiful as Lotus II/III on CD32. But it looked ugly, threw away 50% processing power for the sake of 1mb of RAM or even 512k of fast ram missing on the motherboard, we didn't have Sonic, Mario (thank god *puke*) and C= were skint so not much of a push to get people to buy it.

The more I think about CD32 the more I am wondering if the reason Paula was not replaced in the AGA update is because the purpose of AGA all along was for a CD console which would pull audio off CD and use Paula for just sound effects. Remember this is how it was in the PC world...wavetable/Roland MT-32 for music and scratchy crappy soundblaster 16 for fx/speech. Hmmm that makes a lot of sense actually. But they went the same way as their rival who made a last ditch attempt not to go bankrupt by releasing a console and abandoning the computer users with no more updates to their home computers.
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