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Best sprite scaling/Doom style engines on Amiga?

I have been looking at a few Amiga games on Youtube today and was looking for the best Doom type engines and the best Sega style sprite scaling engines for our miggy.

Show me the ones that impress you the most. However here are the rules, stock Amiga games only so either OCS/ECS or A1200 AGA only engines none of this 040/060 to make it go faster business! I'm looking for pure coding excellence using hacks/bugs of the chipset or just amazing coding.

I'm pretty sure that sprite scaling on Lotus II is pretty much up there, certainly no later racing games had smoother or faster graphics than that not even Lotus III (although the CD32 version of Lotus III looks pretty close to Lotus II but there were no A1200 versions I could get working at the time I remember not even with relo-kick etc.)

So....any others and more importantly what was the best ECS and AGA Doom engine?

Video links to Youtube much appreciated so we can all see the ones people niminate
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