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Originally Posted by Calgor View Post
It would have been a bit later and likely much better without Tripos. That was the bad part of the OS.

AmigaOS is good, but on the whole it's not really the OS that is the problem (apart from no memory protection so that big file you're working on with all your programs laid out on the screens and open how you want them - i.e. your workspace - that you have to setup all over again if your computer crashes - also no hibernate or desktop snapshot mode when you restart the computer). And don't tell me to only run programs that don't crash. When you run so many programs who knows when that little bug will rear its head in the program that has never crashed. Also if you are a developer, you are bound to accidentally write some alpha-code that will crash the whole system.

Mostly it is the lack of enough apps that actually run on the OS. This is also the reason why I have installed OS4.0 but not really used it much compared with OS3.9. The best new apps I see for it are OWB and Hollywood.

Yeah, sure the AmigaOS is a joy to use in its fast responsiveness for the speed of the hardware and the not so many layered system software so you can get to the nuts and bolts of it. But without enough apps, you can only use it in combination with Windows/MacOS/Linux. For example, personally, I need to use Java for work, like to be able to see Flash in browsers so I can actually see what the webpage is displaying, like to be able to open video and image files of all kinds of codecs and file types. Like to update the firmware of my DVD writers for better compatibility. etc etc. The OS is technically capable of doing all this, but only if coders can write all those apps, but it is not justified to put in the effort for such a small market with little to no $ rewards when ppl have milllions of other things to do.
To be fair C= went belly up in 94 and were in dire straights long before that. Most of the problems you are talking about relate to the fact that the OS was not actively improved much by C= since early 90s and the technology you talk about is from much later developments (like the age of the internet etc)

Also memory protection without hardware memory protection is an exercise in futility....even XP SP3 can be instantly blue screened by a 1kb application because PCs have no hardware memory protection.

*IF* C= had developed Kickstart/Workbench and the hardware at the same sort of speed and effort that the Wintel and Apple competition had we would have many things in there sooner. I was only comparing KS/WB from 85 to what the competition had which was DOS&Windows/MAC OS/GEM and none of those even came close to being better, not even close. There were plenty of applications for the Amiga from SB Professional, various graphics packages, Final Writer/Wordsworth etc etc all happily multitasking.

If the internet phenomenon had happened just 5 years earlier then the Amiga would have still been around a bit longer, and if C= had used the profits to make faster Amigas with faster CPUs then video/mp3 would be possible too and it would still be around today. All 95% of people do on their computers is surf the net, exchange emails, talk on msn/yahoo/aim, watch video, play mp3s, write bullshit on facebook/myspace etc. This is why current £299 laptops are pathetic heaps of junk with Celeron M processors and shared memory crappy graphics. 5 year old laptops run games/serious graphical applications FASTER than todays hunks of but hell people are clueless in general which is why 95% of them use Windows on crap hardware to do stuff you can do on a Pentium III laptop for about £50 nowadays
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