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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
So I her it that lots of people here use Scalos.

I know that it has a bunch of additions, but what I am looking for the most is performance.

Is Scalos in any way faster than the original Workbench, or is it indeed slower? What about memory requirements?

I'd be very interested in hearing results from experienced people
Hi Akira,

I have two A1200s: one with Scalos installed; one without, and there is absolutely nothing to choose between them in terms of performance which may be attributed to the presence or absence of Scalos. This is hardly surprising. By its very nature, Scalos would be most unlikely, by itself, to have a measurable impact on throughput.

But consider this:

Although the Amiga OS has benefitted from the introduction of a whole load of extra hardware support and features between versions 1.x and 3.x, the GUI hasn't changed fundamentally in all that time. Scalos puts this right by adding configurability to the Amiga Workbench, giving it the potential to be more efficient, without drastically altering its look and feel.

My A1200 with Scalos has Version 1.2d installed. The Workbench Menu is replaced with context sensitive pop-up menus which appear with a right-click on a selected item or items and don't disappear when the right mouse button is released. Submenus and menu items are then selected by clicking normally. This gives access to all the features of the Workbench Menu without having to move the mouse pointer to the top of the screen and keep the right mouse button depressed while navigating. This can save a lot of time and feels much more natural once you get used to it.

So, in answer to your question, I would say that this is the best example I can give of the way that Scalos is faster than the original Workbench. It achieves this by boosting the performance not of the machine, but of the person using it!

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