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Great stuff this Timidity, with the *HUGE* SGM-V2.01 (216MB) sound bank the sound quality is incredible, it's a shame it's all so quiet
Is there a way to boost the sound volume?

1. Windows Media Player Classic
Tried a few MIDI's, they sound hell of a better.
Still, way too quiet

2. ScummVM
Works perfectly with any DOS version of the game.
Now I'm seriously reconsidering scraping the CD versions of some games and getting the DOS ones.

3. DosBox
Checked "mixer /listmidi", saved into config the games still appear to be playing crappy music. Is there any special sound card I need to choose?
I *think* when I've chose Sound Blaster in Blood it sounded better, but a few others still sound as crap as always with most setups...

4. ModPlugTracker
Couldn't find any options concerning the MIDI output and adding a new sample bank does nothing and the files get played with the default set.

5. WinAMP
Output > MIDI = MIDI's sound perfectly
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