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Originally Posted by Jakodemus View Post
On personal level I prefer to play games from hard drive. It's much nicer to just type cd games\game and game.exe than listen floppy drive making strange noises.

Configuring DOS isn't really as bad as it sounds. You do it once and thats it. On boot you just decide will you have EMS, sound support, etc. I'm not saying DOS is better than AmigaOS.
Not entirely true, considering some games were incompatible with EMS, so you had to turn it off for it to run. It's also usually one of the suggestions in the manuals. And some games needed the EMS, so you had to turn them on. If you lacked memory, you needed to use a boot disk. Dosbox lets you make different configurations, from game to game, and also install the full games to the harddrive and use disc images instead of the real discs. Just rip your game (when possible, ie not protected) into an iso, and point your dosbox to that via the configuration file.
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