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How to use WinUAE to set up your large HD for Amiga use by Thomas.

complete step-by-step guide how to install a big Amiga HDD using Amiga Forever on the PC which I dont want to hold back.

Amiga Forever version 6 or above is needed. Here it goes:

Run WinUAE with the -disableharddrivesafetycheck command line option.

Start the Amiga Forever 3.X configuration. Press F12 and change ROM from 3.X (Cloanto) to 3.1 (A1200) and Chipset from Generic to A1200.

Go to Hard Drives, click on Add Harddrive, choose the HDD you want to install, change Controller from UAE to IDE0, check read/write and click on Add Harddrive.

Click on Reset.

Open System / Tools / HDToolbox. It should list your HDD as 7.8G. Leave HDToolbox.

Create a new directory on the Work partition called Download.

Run AWeb and download the following files into the Download directory:

from -> AmigaOS 3.1 -> Downloads:
- SCSI_IDE_43_24.ZIP

from :
- SFS_1.279_68k.lha

from :
- patchstrip.lha
- unz542xA.lha
- LoadModule.lha

Save all files into the Work:Download directory.

Open a shell window and enter the following commands:

1> cd work:download
1> lha x #?
LhA Freeware Version 2.2
Copyright © 1991-94 by Stefan Boberg.
Copyright © 1998-2000 by Jim Cooper and David Tritscher.

Extracting from archive 'LoadModule.lha':
 Extracting: (    2140/    2140)  LoadModule/ExtractModule
 Extracting: (    6920/    6920)  LoadModule/LoadModule
 Extracting: (   12726/   12726)  LoadModule/LoadModule.readme
3 files extracted, all files OK.

Extracting from archive 'patchstrip.lha':
 Extracting: (   41924/   41924)  patchstrip
 Extracting: (    2349/    2349)  patchstrip.doc
2 files extracted, all files OK.

Extracting from archive 'SFS_1.279_68k.lha':
 Extracting: (   97984/   97984)  L/SmartFilesystem
1 file extracted, all files OK.

Extracting from archive 'unz542xA.lha':
 Extracting: (    5305/    5305)  CONTENTS
 Extracting: (   10856/   10856)  COPYING
 Extracting: (   19724/   19724)  fUnZip
 Extracting: (    3901/    3901)  funzip.doc
 Extracting: (    8632/    8632)  MakeSFX
 Extracting: (   11707/   11707)  README
 Extracting: (    9496/    9496)  README.AMI
 Extracting: (    4385/    4385)  timezone.doc
 Extracting: (   98988/   98988)  UnZip
 Extracting: (   46671/   46671)  unzip.doc
 Extracting: (   27220/   27220)  UnZipSFX
 Extracting: (   13644/   13644)  unzipsfx.doc
 Extracting: (   19075/   19075)  WHERE
 Extracting: (    3537/    3537)  zipgrep.doc
 Extracting: (   23884/   23884)  zipinfo.doc
15 files extracted, all files OK.

Operation successful.

1> unzip SCSI_IDE_43_24
   creating: SCSI_IDE_43_24/
  inflating: SCSI_IDE_43_24/.DS_Store  
   creating: __MACOSX/
   creating: __MACOSX/SCSI_IDE_43_24/
  inflating: __MACOSX/SCSI_IDE_43_24/._.DS_Store  
  inflating: SCSI_IDE_43_24/a1000.ld.strip  
  inflating: SCSI_IDE_43_24/a300.ld.strip  
  inflating: SCSI_IDE_43_24/a4000t.ld.strip  
  inflating: SCSI_IDE_43_24/a600.ld.strip  
  inflating: SCSI_IDE_43_24/DISCLAIMER  
  inflating: SCSI_IDE_43_24/LoadV43Module  
  inflating: SCSI_IDE_43_24/PRELIMINARY  
  inflating: SCSI_IDE_43_24/README   
  inflating: SCSI_IDE_43_24/README.FIRST  
  inflating: SCSI_IDE_43_24/scsidisk.ld.strip  
1> patchstrip SCSI_IDE_43_24/a300.ld.strip scsi.device
Writing patched file to scsi.device...Patch successful.
Now let's test if the scsi.device patch works:

1> loadmodule/loadmodule scsi.device
WinUAE will make a reset and Amiga Forever boots again.

Now run HDToolbox again. This time it should list the HDD with its full capacity (something like 55.8G).

Select it, initialize it and partition it. Select Default Setup -> 3. Reduce the first partition to 500 MB, the second one to 3.5 GB and use all the rest for the third partition.

Now click on Add/Update. Select FastFileSystem and click on Delete File System. Then click on Add New File System and select Work:Download/L/SmartFilesystem. Change the identifier to 0x53465300 and click on Ok.

Now select the first partition and click on Change. Change File System to SFS\00 and Block size to 512. Check that MaxTransfer is 0x1fe00.

Click on Ok and repeat the same procedure for each partition.

Finally check that the first partition has the Bootable checkbox enabled and change its boot prio to -1 so that WinUAE keeps booting from the Amiga Forever partition.

Now click on Save and reboot.

After the reboot three ghosted icons should appear on the desktop. Select one at a time and select "Format Disk" from the menu. Give it a name and click on Quick.

Now it's time to install the operating system. I suppose that you want to install 3.1, therefore press F12, go to Floppy drives, enable all four drives and insert the Install, Locale, Workbench and Extras into DF0, DF1, DF2 and DF3. Make sure that all drives have the write protect box checked. Change floppy speed to turbo. Then click on Reset.

When Workbench 3.1 has loaded, open Install3.1, Install and your preferred language.

When asked for your skill, do *not* select Novice. Use Intermediate or Expert User.

When asked where to install, select the new boot parititon. Do *not* confirm to install to the Amiga Forever boot partition or the Install 3.1 disk!

When it asks for the Fonts disk, press F12 and put the Fonts disk into DF2 and the Storage disk into DF3.

When installation is finished, before you reboot, press F12 and remove the Amiga Forever boot partition from the Hard Drives list. Do not remove the Work partition, we still need the downloaded files. But change the properties of the Work partition and every other HDD to not bootable.

Go to the Floppies page and eject all four drives. Then return to the installer and click on Continue. It should reboot and load the newly installed OS. If it boots from another disk (i.e. you only see an empty DOS window), check the HDD list that no HDD has a higher boot prio than -1. Or boot from Amiga Forever again and check with HDToolbox that you really made the right partition bootable.

If everything went right, you can now open a Shell window and enter these commands:

1> cd work:download
1> copy scsi.device devs:
1> copy loadmodule/LoadModule c:
1> ed s:startup-sequence
The last command opens an editor window. Insert a new line at the top and enter this text:

C:LoadModule Devs:scsi.device
Press Esc and enter X to save the changes. Press Esc and enter Q to quit without saving.

That's all. Time to test. Press F12 and click on Restart. Go to the hard drives page and remove every HDD exept the newly installed one. Then click on start.

It should boot into the Workbench dektop and show all three partitions as readable.

Open a Shell window and enter

1> version UDH0:
SmartFilesystem 1.279
The result should always be SmartFilesystem for each partition.

I hope this helps somebody.


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