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Originally Posted by Ironclaw View Post
Regarding the Monkey Island game... I can't be arsed to register and ask in other forums like Scummvm and World of MI, to see if someone has a direct email address to LucasArts....

So.... guess I'll never make the awesome Monkey Island game then.... had 4 ideas ...

1. Bar game
2. Spitting contest from MI2
3. Dance step memory game, from when Guybrush hits his head in MI2 and sees his parents (the dance part with the skeletons... I like the tune :P)
4. Underwater dive, in MI2, gettings stuff requested by the boat captain as quickly as possible from the ocean floor.
Just do it dude or you'll get banned (again).
Honestly, Lucas couldn't give a toss about the Amiga version anymore. I'd only be slightly worried if it were the newer ones on PC and playstation.
Actually, they don't care about their old point and clicks full stop. Mess with their Star-Whores games and well, you'll have the FBI at the door.
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