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Originally Posted by StarEye View Post
I'm stuck with a shitty 22" LCD widescreen syncmaster from Samsung. Can't compare with the glorious CRT monitors from back in the days.

Anyway, I do remember the pixelized graphics bothering me back in the day as well, when I was with friends who had PCs. I preferred the Amiga look back then as well, in most of the games.

Oh, and in collecting, I want originals. But sure, "the other method" is a good way to see which games I should pick up.
Its the reason. Yes, PC and pixelization is well known fact but 22'' LCD doesnt make it better
17'' LCD are still in stores, I'm planning buy two, for future. I've got two CRT monitors, 14'' , both are almost dead

In that DOS collection is almost every DOS game from preWindows period, check it out, some old good pieces are there, you wont buy them in any regular store

Shanghai 2, Bolo, Quadrax, Incredible Machine 2
Space Hulk 2, Dungeon Keeper, Warcraft 2, Warlords 3, Battle Isle 2 or 3,Settlers 2
NHL Hockey, NHL Hockey 95-99, NBA Live 95, 97, 99
Magic Carpet 1,2, Outlaws
Earthworm Jim, Rayman, Bug!, Bug Too!, Bermuda Syndrome, Meat Puppet, Abaron
Wizardry 7, Ultima Underworld 1,2, Ultima 8
Harvester (if you are sick enough, avoid it if you are "ok" :-) ), Shannara, Orion Burger, Little Bid Adventure, System Shock, I have no Mouth and i must Scream, 3 Skulls of the Toltecs, Broken Sword

EDIT- one of those crt monitors is dead, rip

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