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Maybe you have not installed the OS4 version of FFS into your hard disk's RDB - that is one reason it won't boot after rebooting (assuming you used that as your boot partition). Also, I thought that the boot partition for OS4 could not be SFS (could be wrong, maybe ppl have found ways to do it now), although every other partition can be.

I installed OS4 on existing hard drive which had SFS partitions with OS3.9 (like yourself), but made sure the boot partition for OS4 was the OS4 FFS version and was within the first 2GB of the drive. Make sure the FFS filesystem string ID is correct (should be in the OS4 installation instructions and is different to OS3.X FFS so you will end up having both in RDB I think...).

Also make sure your OS4 partition has the highest boot priority of all your hard disk partitions to make installation easier on the reboots etc.

The instructions are all there in the installation manual, although I thought the filesytem part was not written very well and can cause some confusion.

Oh, and if you're mucking around with HD partitions and new OS installations and such, you should really backup all your data first else you are asking for trouble.

Good luck.
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