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I've become a DOSbox nerd!

Should I be ashamed?

Seriously, I've had a few DOS games for years now, and thought it was time I started playing around with DOSbox on my overly shiny Vista system. Since my collection mainly consists of Sierra adventures, I started with those, and now Larry 1-7, Police Quest 1-4, Space Quest 1-6, King's Quest 1-7, The 7th Guest, Gabriel Knight 1 (will install 2 soon), and even Actua Soccer which I got for free for reasons I can't remember. Unfortunately, I can't get Phantasmagoria 2 working, nor can I rip the discs (must be some kind of protection). I didn't bother with games that are supported by ScummVM though, it'd just be a waste of time, since ScummVM is so good.

Anyway, I've exhausted my collection of DOS games, so now I'm eager to start collecting DOS games.

And I also realized how much better the sound on the Amiga is, 90% of the time. Sometimes it doesn't even sound like the same tune. Also, I really prefer the Amiga graphics still, some games are like some messed up pixel breeding ground. I'm starting to wonder if it's my modern PC that makes it look so bad, or that the DOS games actually looked as blocky and pixely as that. What good is 256 colours when you can't even see what the pixel-art is supposed to be?

Anyway, yeah, I've gone over to the dark side, just to get some perspective. And it's fun, so my collecting days are definitely not entirely over yet.
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