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Classic Games

Can anyone suggest some games to me. I had an Amiga and ST years ago when everyone had them, only recently discovered emulation. I think some of the games which I've been playing recently for the Amiga are much better than there modern counterparts.

I have now just under ten titles, titles which I have rembered from the past. I am just starting to get a little lost as to what to get next, can anyone recommend some titles to me.

I like shoot em ups
Platform Games
Pinball etc

By the way whats the "Beast" that everyone keeps talking about?

I don't know what everyone else thinks but I think that Rainbow Islands & Pinball Fanatsies are brilliant and even hold there own against modern PC games in terms of playability and adictivness.

Already got
Xenon 1&2
Blood Money
Chaos Engine

New Zealand Story
Pinballl Fantasies + Illusions
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